"If you learn a little every day, you will know more than the person who learns nothing."
— Phyllis Chvostal

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Adult Students

I welcome adult students to my studio. Many adults have “always” wanted to take lesson, but never had the time to practice while raising a family. When the time finally arrives, don’t become hesitant to make the decision and call or e-mail. It may even become difficult to find a teacher who will work with adults. Visit an independent store that only sells pianos and ask for recommendations for teachers. They should know the teachers in the area, and if they work with adults.

Federation Festival
Adult students with silver cups from Federation Festival
visiting the Bayernhof Museum


I have a wonderful group of adults. Some just enjoy taking lessons, while others enjoy the combination of lessons and being more involved musically with other students.

Adults may also participate in any of the student programs, such as the Festival, Borders, and the Guild. A separate Federation Festival for the adults is held at the studio. Memory is not necessary for the adults and they receive silver cups. A yearly recital-luncheon is held for the adults in the home of one of the students. I currently have students who have completed their five year national program for the Guild and have also received silver cups.



What will my friends (or family) think? It shouldn’t matter. Do this for yourself

Will my teacher think I am too old? Do not let what you think you cannot do, interfere with what you would like to do.

I never had lessons before. Would it be easier to take lessons if you knew you would succeed? If you are doing something you enjoy, you have already succeeded.

I get nervous when I play in front of someone. So do I.

Do I need to practice? How much practicing should I do? In the dictionary, success comes after practice for a reason.

What if I don’t have time to practice? Motivation is what gets you going in life. Habit is what keeps you going. Get in the habit of practicing.

I am afraid I will progress too slowly. If you do a little every day, you will learn more than the person who does nothing.

Your answers seem to make it so simple. They are…….take the first step and call. You can always find time to do what is important to you, You can always find an excuse not to do something.

What if I am not very good? If you love what you are doing, you are already a success.

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