"My goal as a teacher is simple:
to help you reach your goal."

— Phyllis Chvostal

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Music as Part of a Student’s Education

Although music is not considered a core subject, including it in your curriculum will result in a lifelong appreciation, whether as a performer, or as a member of the audience.

Teaching Credentials

I have taught in a private school for six years in a variety of subjects, including music appreciation. My passion is teaching piano. I have taught private and group lessons in my studio for most of my life. My approach is to encourage students to work on their on by presenting musical concepts in a variety of ways, thus enabling them to learn more theory while I spend less time teaching.

Theory Program

As a member of National Federation of Music Clubs, I found it difficult to prepare students for the Federation tests. Although there were nine levels, there appeared to be no coordination with the levels. At a national workshop for Junior Counselors, I presented my theory books to the National Festival Chairman. Impressed with my books and organization, I was invited to develop Federation Program.

I created three introductory levels for students in Kindergarten and first grade. Progression of scales, chords, intervals, and terms were introduced to correspond with the level of the student. The history of the musical periods coordinated the composers and the characteristics.

As a contributor to the Junior Keynotes Magazine, I promoted the theory testing program with articles, puzzles and contests, and in less than five years, the number of students participating in the United States rose from 300 to over 3,000. The theory program is now one of the top five events, with piano solo being number one.


Music Supplies and Teaching Materials

The puzzle books originated when I gave group lessons in conjunction with private piano lessons. At each group lesson, students were presented with a lesson packet that included theory and fun games using theory. At the request of other teacher, the puzzle pages were bound together in books. They may be used as a teaching tool, home work, or busy work. Visit the Paisley Cat Store for original Piano solos, theory books, exercise books, and other items of interest.


Contact me: ivycat@connecttime.net if you are interested in establishing a theory program. As National Theory Chairman, twelve levels of theory tests were created for the NFMC Festival.


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