"Let the way you practice today,
be the performance you can live with tomorrow."

— Phyllis Chvostal

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Mission Statement

I teach for the next generation. I want to make piano lessons so exciting for a student that they cannot imagine a world without music. It will be imperative for them to make music a part of the lives of their children and grandchildren. To this end, I create an atmosphere of learning, performance, and creativity for each student regardless of age or ability. Everyone can learn to play the piano. Some will learn faster and some will play better, but everyone can enjoy the music they create.

What is Paisley Cat?

Paisley Cat is the combination of my initials P and C woven into a treble clef. Visit the Paisley Cat Store to view original piano solos, theory books, and creative teaching materials. Upon registration, you will be able to download manuscript paper and a monthly musical puzzle sheet for you students. Visit the Paisley Cat Store for creative musical ideas to use in your studio.

Bridget’s Photo Shop

Bridget’s Photo Shop offers information on quality nature photographs, and personalized crafts. She is also available for photographing a special event, or your home, family, or pets.

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