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— Phyllis Chvostal

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Mittens for Moppets

How the Project Began
For a number of years, I had searched for a studio project that I could use to benefit the community, namely the children in the community. I wanted something that would pertain to hands and the piano. After expressing my thoughts, Kim, one of my adult students, told me of her church’s involvement with the people of Phillipe, West Virgina. It is a small mining community that faces tough economic challenges with limited work opportunity in the area. Thus in 2002, the light bulb went on, that we could help by providing mittens and gloves to the children. In 2007, stuffed animals were added, and I sent three large boxes for the children’s Christmas Party.

Studio Project Mittens for Moppets
Each November, I begin collecting gloves and mittens as part of the treat bags the children receive at Christmas. Carrie, one of the mothers, spends her waiting time for her children by knitting mittens and hats. Over the past six years, over 400 pair of mittens and over 60 stuffed animals have been sent to make a brighter Christmas for the children of Barbour County.

If you would like to learn more about Heart and hand, you may visit them at the following www.heartandhandhouse.org. This project involves providing gloves for children in West Virginia, in association with “Helping Hands” Project. They are located in one of the poorest regions in WVA with an extremely high unemployment rate. Each year, my students bring in one or more pair (new) of mittens or gloves in early December. Adult mittens and gloves are also appreciated. The gloves are sent in December for distribution at their Christmas party.


How May You Participate

You may help by providing mittens and gloves for the children. Bring to the studio the end of November or by the first week of December. You may also help by making a donation to help defray the cost of postage. Any donations above the cost of shipment will be forward to Heart and Hand.

Mittens for Moppets
Phyllis and Kim with Christmas gifts for Heart and Hand

“Christmas was a very special this year for many people in Barbour County, and it is because of your generosity. Your gift of gloves, toys, stuffed animals and other items enabled us to make this season not only better, but more importantly, a blessing. We delivered canvas “goodie-bags” containing the items to over 100 Head Start students. Reading this statement doesn’t allow you to feel the emotion from the parents. You are wonderful to us! Thank you from your Team at Hear and Hand Ministries.”
— Dr. Bob Wilkins, Director, Heart and Hand House, Inc.
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